In this article, you will find information about how to manage brands in admin.

  1. Create a brand
  2. File formats for Brand logo
  3. Edit brand
  4. Filter the list of brands
  5. Delete/deactivate brand


To be able to create styles and items, you first need to create one or more brands.

In the Admin section, choose Brands from the left side menu as shown in the image below:

1) Click the 'Add brand' button and a new row will be added to the Brand table

2) Type in the brand information and upload the brand logo. The Brand Name is mandatory.

3) To finish, simply click the small green Save button

File formats supported as brand logo

For brand logo we support all image formats like .jpg, .png, .gif etc.

You cannot use .pdf, .ai, .eps formats for brand logo.

Edit brand

You can at any time edit a brand name, address and logo.

Simply just double-click or click on the edit button at the brand you want to change.

Make sure to save your changes.

Note! Your changes will apply to all the styles / items using this brand.

Filter the list of brands

If you have more than one brand created for your Design Company, It is possible for you to filter the list of brands.
Mouseover the name of a column you want to add a filter on.
Click on the three lines icon. From here a small pop-up will show up.
Here you can search after data that are in the column. 

Please note it is possible for you to make an "And"/ "Or" option - and if the text must have full contain, start with the typed text etc.

For saving your filter settings, you must click on "Apply". You can always remove the filters again by clicking on the "Reset" button.

Delete / deactivate brand

If you no longer want the brand, then you have the option to either delete or deactivate the brand.

Brands used in styles and items cannot be deleted.

Instead uncheck the "active" checkbox and the brand will no longer will be selectable for new styles / items.

An inactive brand will still appear on existing styles / items where it has been used.