In this article we will explain how to:


In the process of getting you and your brand started, it is important to add your colleagues and team members in Delogue PLM so you can start collaborating. 
To invite them:

1) Go to the Admin section and choose Company Info from the left side menu
2) Click on the 'Add user' button

3) A new row is added to the table where you can type in name, email and select the user role (described below). Click 'Send Invitation' to add a user.


These are the company user roles:

  • COMPANY ADMIN - Access to all parts of your company account (Styles, Items, Report and Admin). We strongly advise that only a few users have this role.
  • COMPANY USER - Access to Style, Item and Report
  • COLOR ADMIN - Will only have access to the limited section of Colors in Admin. Can create new colors and edit in settings of Colors.
  • SUPPLIER MANAGER - Will only have access to the limited section of Suppliers in Admin. Can add new Supplier companies and add Supplier users to Supplier companies.

You will need to give your colleagues the correct roles, according to the add-on modules your company has acquired:

  • PRICE ROLE It requires the Price add-on module and it gives the Company user access to Prices, on both Styles and Items
  • ORDER ROLE - It requires the Order add-on module and it gives the Company user access to Orders
  • MARKETING ROLE - It requires the Marketing add-on module and it gives the Company user access to Marketing   
  • BARCODES ROLE - It requires the Barcodes add-on module and it gives the Company user access to Barcodes 


You can edit the users' roles whenever necessary.

1) Simply mouseover the user information and click the blue edit icon
2) The row is now in edit mode, displaying the 'Select Role' drop-down.
This is where you assign roles to the users. In the below illustration, the user 'Delogue demo' has already 3 user roles assigned. 
These can be deleted and a new role can be added.
An active User has to have at least one role.

3) Choose the role and click the green button to save


- Logout and login again in order for the new role to take effect

- If you need to remove a user role, simply click the cross icon and click the green button to save


If a user has not yet been activated, you can send him/her a new invitation. To do so:

1) Mouseover the user information and click the edit blue icon

2) Click 'Resend invitation' and the user in question will receive an email invitation


If one of your colleagues has left your company you might want to deactivate her account.

Just put the line with the given User into edit mode and remove the little check-mark on the line in the column 'ACTIVE' 

Then click on the Save button.

Now your colleague can no longer log in to your company's Delogue Account.


In case you have a lot of Inactive users on your user list - it might help your overview if you hide the Inactive users.

This is very simple to do - just click on the Hide Inactive Users button - the users will still be there and you can at any time display them again by simply clicking on the button once more.


You might end up having some colleagues that never activated their account and suddenly you have a cluttered list of colleagues.

You can delete these colleagues that didn't activate their account.
Simply move your mouse over the name and the delete icon will appear.

Click on the delete icon and confirm that you want to delete the invited user.