You are trying to set a User as a contact person on either a Style or Item (or you are trying to notify him) but you can't find the person in the drop-down. 

Please check the following points:

  • The user has an activated account - you can check that in Admin - both for your colleagues and for Supplier Users
    • Simple check if the Active Status is "Yes". In case it is not - you will have to contact them and ask them to activate their account
    • If needed - you can resend the Invitation (read here how to do that

  • If it is a Supplier User - double check that you have given the supplier access to the brand in question
    • You can check which brands your Supplier User has access to in Admin-Supplier
    • Find the Supplier Company in question and the right Supplier User
    • Edit the Supplier if he doesn't have the right access to Brands

  • If it is on an Item - verify if you have a supplier on that given Item