Do you have problems with the speed on Delogue PLM? Is the performance not what you expected? Or does Delogue PLM look strange on your screen? If yes, some of these steps might help you:

1) Make sure that you have activated your invitation to Delogue PLM
See how to activate the invitation here.

2) Use the right browser
Check if you have an updated version of your browser, and make sure you use a browser that is supported by Delogue PLM:
  • Chrome - latest version
  • Firefox - latest version
  • Edge - latest version
  • Safari - we support versions that Apple support.

If you use other browsers, we cannot guarantee you that Delogue PLM will function correctly.

3) Cookies must be enabled
When cookies are disabled, you will not be able to login to Delogue PLM.

To enable browser Cookies, read this guide: 

4) If you are located in Asia, please try using
To access Delogue PLM, you will normally use the URL:

However, in China, we have made a special setup with to improve the speed and access.
  • Please use - it will help you to log in
  • This might also help other Asian countries as well.

5) If you are located in China

Unfortunately, we randomly experience issues for some Chinese users of Delogue PM.

Some users experience slow performance where others can't login or download files.

It happens randomly and from day to day without any notice and without we in Delogue PLM make any changes in any way.

We advise you to try the following:

  • Try to use browsers like Chrome or Firefox. We do not support the "360 browser"
  • You can try to use VPN before connecting to Delogue PLM. We know that this works for some users
  • You can try to change Wifi network (e.g. use network on your mobile phone)
  • You can try to contact your ISP (Internet service provider) and ask them to look into this. They might be able to whitelist traffic on ""
We hope this works and give you a better experience when using Delogue PLM!

6) Make sure you haven't already logged in Delogue PLM in another tab of your browser with some other company context
In this case, you need to log out from all other windows and proceed with a single and fresh login

7) It might also be a good idea to clear the cache in your browser
You can read about how to do that here: How to clear cache

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at