This is PRO license module that can help you crunch the numbers.

If you are used to Pivot in Excel, then you will find this very similar.

In this articles we will explain how to:

Organizing data

Select seasons

To ensure performance we do not load all data upfront. Instead you start by selecting the seasons you want to compare style data.

Style data will appear by default divided by season / category.

Select data

You can change columns and rows by clicking the "Fields" button.

  • Use the search field to find the option you want to include
  • Drag and drop it in to either:
    • report filter (use for filtering data)
    • rows / columns
    • value (either count or sum of value)

Visualize your data

You can present data in different charts.

  • Select chart and choose the chart you want to have


You can can export both the grid and charts in different formats.

Average values

In this module you can also get the average values presented.

This is for example useful when looking at margins.

  • Go to fields and search for a numeric option (for example Mark up)
  • Drag it to Values
  • Change from "Sum" to "Average"

Formatting values

In case too many digits appear, you can select "Format" and define the amount of digits you want to appear.

Conditional formatting of values

Let's say you want to highlight values above or below a certain amount, then you can use Conditional formatting.

In this case I want to highlight Mark Up values less than 3.

Create new Calculations

For all the numeric fields in Delogue you can create Calculations.

In this example I want to calculate an expected turnover by multiplying Expected Quantity and Wholesale Price.