The sample request report feature is finally here. You are now able to create and save several reports, filter on sample type, deadline, and much more. You can also export your reports to Excel.

Let us guide you through it step-by-step.


1) In the Report section, click the big plus icon to create your first report.

2) Name your report, think of something easy and recognizable, and select the information to be shown in the report. 

Choose from: brand, season, sample type, status, supplier, contact person, group, and deadline. 

Use the drop-down menus to select an option. If nothing is selected, all your sample requests data will be displayed.

3) When you select an option, you will see it appearing in front of the respective filter so you know it is selected. You can always remove an option by clicking the delete icon. 

Once you are done choosing all your filters, click "NEXT" to continue.

4) The next step is to choose the fields you want in your report. You can choose from the following data fields:

  • Brand
  • Brand contact person
  • Season/Project
  • Style name (in the Report it will link to the style)
  • Style number (in the Report it will link to the style)
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Status (Commented, Confirmed, Planned, Received, Requested, Sent)
  • Supplier
  • Sample type
  • Style color (including style color ID, style color ID2, style color name)
  • Size
  • Deadline
  • ETD
  • Tracking #
  • Requested date
  • Confirmed date
  • Sent date
  • Received date
  • Commented date

Click the check-box to select one and/or more fields, and adjust their order by dragging and dropping the table rows.

Use the "Freeze pane" option to freeze columns. This means that the rows placed above the freeze pane will not scroll horizontally when you are viewing the report.

5) When you are done, click "SAVE" and your report will be ready! You will see it on the screen and it will automatically be saved as a Favorite.


If you need it you can always export any of your saved reports.

Just select the the favorite you need and then click on the Excel button.


Supplier users can get this report too.

But Supplier users will only see the sample requests where they are selected as the supplier.