Your Company might want to be able to have all styles in a specific Season, so the designer does not create new sample request by mistake on new styles. For this end, it is a good idea to acquire the Lock Season module.

This module allows you to set how exactly you want to lock a given Season.

NOTE: It is only the Company Admin who sets up this lock feature.

Read further to understand how you can do it:


1) In the Admin section, choose 'Seasons' from the left side menu.

Here you will see your seasons overview. In the example below, all the seasons are active because they have a green lock on it.

2) Let's lock the last season in the table 'SS18' by clicking the lock icon

3) In the pop-window, check the option 'Lock Season'

NOTE: The system will automatically check all the options. Feel free to uncheck the locks you don't need.

4) Once you have the locks you want, click 'OK' to save

You will notice that this season is now locked due to the red lock on it.


It is always possible to change the settings by clicking on the now red lock icon. Simply make the changes you wish to and then save the new settings. NOTE: If any Sample Request types appear with a strike through, it simply indicates that it is inactive.

If you want to remove the lock from a given season, uncheck the option 'Lock Season' as shown before in the 'Creating Season' part.


It depends on what kind of lock your Company admin has sat for the Season. Therefore, it is important that you are advised on what you are allowed to do on a locked season.

You can always comment on Sample Requests and change the status of the Sample Requests you have already started.

If there is a complete lock on the season then you cannot:

  • Create new Styles in this season
  • Create new Sample Request
  • Change certain things on the Item List:
    • Add color
    • Edit color
    • Deactivate color
    • Delete color
    • Import item list
  • Change certain things on the Measurement chart:
    • Size range
    • Import Measurement chart