You can use the Dashboard as your personal To-do list and overview of all your pending tasks.

Under the Tasks subtab, you will see, by default, all the tasks assigned to you. You can also view the tasks according to the state they are in by using the progress bar at the top.


You are able to sort your tasks, using the triangle icon on each column.

View your team members' tasks

If a colleague is out of the office, use the drop-down menu 'Who' on the top right corner of the page to choose his/her name from the list. This will allow you to take over some of his/her tasks.


You can easily reassign tasks using the 'Assigned to' drop-down menu.


You can change the deadline of a task which is in the 'To Do' or 'In Progress' state. Simply click on the calendar icon and choose a new deadline date.

move TASKS from in progress TO done

It is possible to change the state of a task to 'In Progress' and 'Done'. Simply use the respective buttons in the columns 'In progress' and 'Done' to move a task to the right state.

  • The 'In Progress' button will move your task to the 'In Progress' state
  • The 'Done' button will move your task from 'In Progress' to the "Done" state

NOTE: All changes done here will apply directly in the style in question.