For a great overview of all your customers' sample request, use the Dashboard section.

Planned state

Once the company has published a style of yours, a sample request is visible on the dashboard.
If it is in 'Planned' state, you are able to see it in the Planned/No Request section (see image below).

Requested state

When the company changes the state to "Requested", the sample will appear in the Requested tab:

1) Click on "Color/Size" to see which colors and sizes are requested

2) Click Confirm to confirm the sample request.

3( If you can not meet the deadline of ETD, suggest a new deadline in the pop-up. The ETD date will turn red if it is later than the requested deadline.

Confirmed state

Once you have confirmed the sample request, it will appear on the "Confirmed" state. If the company can not accept the suggested ETD, they will change or suggest a new ETD, and you will see the date at once.

When the sample is ready to be sent, just click on the send button.
Enter the tracking number so it is easy for the company to track and trace the sample.

Sent state

In the Sent state, you are able to edit or enter the tracking no.

Received state

When the sample is received at the company, the sample request will appear in "Received" state.

Commented state

You can now see the sample request in "Commented" state. Here you are able to:

  • Print the sample request comments.
  • Export the sample request comments.