For a great overview of all your sample request, make sure you get the most out of the Dashboard section.

All styles where you are the contact person will appear on your dashboard - if there are any sample requests on the style. If you are not the contact person, follow the style using the heart icon and it will also appear in the Dashboard.

Comment A deadline

In the Admin section, choose 'Sample types' from the left side menu. Here, you can set a number of days each sample type should be commented after it has been received. Simply mouse over the sample type name and click the edit icon - or double click on the table row. Use the column 'Comment deadline (days after received) ' to type in the number of days and click the small green icon to save.

CreatING A sample request in delogue

If in doubt, have a look at our guide on how to create a sample request in Delogue.


In the Dashboard section, under the Sample request sub-tab, you can see all the different states of a specific sample request. Let's have a close look at each state and understand what do they stand for.

In all states - except Commented - it will be possible to edit the Note.

In the Commented state it can only be read.

Suppliers can only read the Note - in all states.


Planned sample requests will appear in the first state of the dashboard.

To change the sample request state, simply click the green 'Request' button on the last column of the matrix.

NOTE: You are able to edit the color/size and deadline fields before hitting the request button.
After clicking 'Request', the normal sample request box will appear and you can write a note to your supplier(s).

state #2: REQUESTED

Your sample request will now appear in the Requested state. Here, you can edit the color/size and deadline of the sample, plus confirm ETD once agreed with the supplier.

state #3: CONFIRMED

When the supplier has confirmed the sample request, it will appear under the 'Confirmed' state.
NOTE: If the supplier cannot reach the requested deadline, the ETD will be displayed in red.

In this state, you can edit the color/size and deadline fields and the ETD in case you can't wait until the date your supplier has suggested. Remember to inform your supplier that the requested ETD has changed in the Communication tab.

If the sample has already been sent, click the 'Send' button and enter the tracking number in the drop-down window. 

If your supplier has forgotten to move the sample request to send state and it suddenly appears on your table, simply click the 'Receive' button to move the sample to the received state.

state #4: SENT

In the 'Sent' state, you can:

1) Edit the received pieces, in case your supplier only send part of the requested samples

2) Copy the tracking number for tracking the packet

3) Click the 'Receive' button when you have received the sample from the Supplier

STATE #5: Received

Once you receive the sample, you can click the green 'Comment' button to comment on specific sample requests.

A pop-up window will appear where you can add your comments. If this information should be invisible to the supplier, just keep the sample state as 'Received'. Change it when you are ready to send comments to the supplier.

STATE #6: Commented

Commented sample requests will be displayed in the last state - the 'Commented' state. Here, you are able to both export and print the sample request comments by clicking the respective icons.