As a supplier, you will be able to see all your customer's styles in the Prices section.

For each style, you can add a price and comments. You can also overview if the brand has approved or commented the prices.


Go to the Prices section, and all styles will appear in a list:

1) You can choose to see only one Brand at a time - use the drop-down menu on the top left

2) You can use the filter in each column to narrow down the list

4) For each style you have the possibility to add: Supplier cost price and Supplier Comment

  • Filter columns
  • Sort columns
  • Drag and drop order of columns
  • Hide columns
  • Navigate with arrow button, when editing each of the styles
  • Save favorite filters - read about how you use favorites here
  • Export view to Excel - click on the export icon in the upper right corner if you want to export the Price Matrix to Excel