My report is where you and your supplier(s) can customize a report in order to fit your company's workflow and structure. Once you have acquired the module, an extra sub-tab will be visible - My reports - and suppliers related to this brand will automatically get access to it as well.

This module allows you to:

Drag and drop my report columns

Drag and drop the matrix columns and arrange it as you prefer.
Simply grab the column and drag it to the new position.

You can easily filter information on each column. To do so:

1) Choose a column and click the gray arrow next to the column name

2) Select one or more filters - simply click the check boxes - and click OK

You can also sort on columns to see your styles information in ascending or descending order.

Click on the column header and a small triangle icon will indicate the sorting is applied.

NOTE: It is only possible to sort one column at a time.

Use the 'Show/hide columns' button to customize the view of your report so only relevant information is shown. Click the button and in the column chooser window, drag the columns you want to hide into the box. In this case, we chose to hide the '1st proto Sample status' column.

To make the columns visible again, drag them back to the My report page and you can place them where you want in your report. When you're done, close the column chooser window or simply click the show/hide button again.

Once you have customized the Report section, you can choose to print it or export it to excel. Use the respective icons at the top right corner of the page.

Save your favorite filters so you can easily find information the next time you use the 'My reports' tab. Simply use the star icon to create a filter. If in doubt, read all about favorites here.