Send messages and share information with your clients using the Communication sub-tab in Delogue.

1) Click the 'New message' button

2) Write your message, give it a subject, and choose if it should be internal or not. You can also notify your colleagues or supplier about this message. If necessary, attach files to your message using the 'Attach file' button (all sent files will also be saved in style files/item artwork).

3) When you're done, click OK to send the message.


Once you start writing your message you will notice that the message icon becomes red - this means that it is autosaved as a draft.

It stays a draft until you send it or cancel it.


In the Communication sub-tab, you will find several different icons. We have gathered them here so you can understand the role of each one of them.


1) Message icon: it will appear for all sent messages

2) Message icon with a blue dot: it will appear when you have been notified in a message

3) Message icon in red: Draft message, will appear as long as you have not sent you the message. Once you send the message the icon becomes the normal Message icon

4) House icon: it will appear on internal messages


1) Sample comment icon: it displays for all sample request updates and comment

2) Sample comment icon with a blue dot: it will show when you are the contact person

3) Log changes icon: it will appear for all log changes in the platform