When you enter Delogue, you will see all the styles your customer has assigned to you.
If you have more than one customer, you will be able to see ALL your customers designs in one view.

NOTE: Your customer must have published the style for you to be able to see it. If you still cannot see the style, please check with your customer if they have given you access to the brand.

Find style

Style list

Your styles will appear in the left side list.
By selecting one of the style names, the details of this style will appear.

Link from email notification

When you get an email notification, then the link in the email will direct you to the specific style.

Search / filter to find style

You can easily search for a style in the filter section.

1) Click the green filter button on the left side and filter section will open

2) Type in the search field or select the specific brand to filter by season, group and category - you can also filter by unread messages, alerts, and tasks.

3) Click "Filter"

4) List of styles within the search result will appear

Save your favorite filter

You can easily save your filter settings. For example, per brand or per brand/season.
The system will then remember the filter next time you log in.

1) Make your search as described above.

2) Click on the Star icon

3) Type in name of your favorite filter

4) Click OK

You can remove the favorite by clicking on the cross icon on the tab - it will appear when you move hover the favorite you want to remove. 

Find specifications

Style files

All files related to this will be uploaded under Style files.

  • All formats can be uploaded, but only images files (.jpg, .gif, .png etc) will appear on screen.
  • You can easily download other formats (or any file you want) by clicking at the file name or the download icon

  • You can also upload files if you want to share it with your customer.
  • You can see any extra info your customer has added to any given file by clicking on the preview

Item list

The Item list will contain the items (components) of this style (product).
It varies from customer to customer how detailed they make the item list.

In the Item list, you will be able to find details of placement, amount and color combinations.
You can also see if the quality and colors are approved (indicated with red and green dots).

If you are the supplier of the item, a link to the item library will appear.

Measurement chart

In the Measurement chart, you will be able to see the available measurement chart from your customer.
NOTE: All customers select size range to be able to make sample requests.


In the Sample request section, you will able to see the requests made by the brand including status and deadline.
Double click at the request to find details about quantity per color/size.

Print Style specifications

You can easily print the specification by clicking the print button and select which parts to print.
NOTE: Only style files in image format will appear in printing.

Make sure to set the layout to "Landscape":


Download specification to Excel

You can easily export the specification by clicking the export button. An Excel file will be downloaded to your download folder.
NOTE: Only style files in image format will appear in Excel export.