Change sample request deadline on the Sample request pop-up

It is possible to change the deadline of a sample request. To do so:

1) Double click on the sample request to open it

2) A message window will pop-up - click 'No' to continue

3) Choose 'Sample status' from the left side menu and change the sample deadline using the calendar icon

4) Click 'Update' to save your changes

NOTE: You can select if you want to notify someone about this change by email. The supplier contact person is selected per default but it can be removed.

Change THE sample request deadline DIRECTLY ON THE SAMPLE CARD

With the easy overview the Sample Cards gives you on the Sample Request sub-tab - it is even easier to change the Deadline.

Just change on the Sample Card.

It is not possible to change the Deadline for a Sample Request that is in Commented state.

You can either type in the deadline directly or select via the calendar picker.

possible to set deadlines back in time

It is possible to set your deadline to a date that is back in time - meaning that you can set it to a date that is before today.

This can be done from both the Sample card, the Sample Request pop-up and on the Dashboard - Sample Request.


You can now edit any of the dates you can see on the Sample Card - directly on the Sample Card.

If a date is in edit mode - you can change it.

It will be possible for you to set a date back in time - this means that you can set the dates to a date that was before today.