Before starting use your account, you need to set up some basic information.

Here's a list of the top 11 steps you need to go through - each step links to a detailed article:

STEP 1: Invite colleagues and set up automatically or manually use of style numbers

STEP 2: Create brand(s)
STEP 3: Define sampling process
STEP 4: Create season
STEP 5: Create groups (optional)
STEP 6: Create size range options
STEP 7: Create style color library
STEP 8: Create style categories (optional)
STEP 9: Create item categories (optional)
STEP 10: Create additional fields in custom fields (optional)
STEP 11: Invite your suppliers

NOTE: We recommend that you wait to invite suppliers until you have some styles created for them. By this, they will not be invited into an empty platform.