Invite your suppliers in Delogue and make sure to give them access to the brands he/she is assigned to.

NOTE: It is important to do this so your suppliers are able to see all the selected styles and items.

To add a supplier:

1) Go to the Admin section and choose Supplier from the left side menu. 

2) Click the 'Add supplier' button in the top right corner and pop-window will appear

3) To be sure that you are not adding the same supplier twice, it is a good idea to make a search first. If the supplier does not exist, click 'Create new'.

4) You will be redirected to the main page again where you will fill in information about your new supplier.

To save everything, simply click the green button with the check mark.


Now, let's add users to your supplier so they can access and view the styles assigned to a specific supplier.

1) Click the 'Add user' button and fill in name and email address

NOTE: Remember to select which brand(s) the supplier must have access to.

2) Click 'Send Invitation' to complete the process and an email invitation will be sent to our supplier for approval


Start by finding the supplier who needs access to more brands.

We will use the 'Demo supplier 1' from the added suppliers list, visible next to the left side menu.

To edit the supplier information:

1) Mouseover the row and click the blue edit icon - or double-click the row
2) The table is now in edit mode. In brands column, click the 'Select brand' drop-down menu to choose the brand(s)

To save the changes, remember to click the green button on the first column.

Your supplier will now be able to see which brands and users he/she has access to in the given company.