New Release

dl-22483 Re-do Sample Request comment topics - admin - new comment fields 

Now you can disable commenfields and even add your own customized comment fields on all sample requests.

dl-22802 Style sample request thumbnails: Removed "Measures, Design, Finish and Item placement"

In the style sample requests - the layout of the tile has been changed. We now show only the relevant dates and not the individual approvals of Measures, Design, Finish and Item placement

dl-22797 Style sample request - quantity / pieces button  

When users clicks on the “Pcs” button, it opens the pop-up with sizes per color with respective quantities. In read-only mode, it displays overlay with pencil. When user clicks on pencil, it goes to edit mode. It is same functionality as dashboard. If supplier user clicks on “Pcs” button, then the pop-up displays in read-only mode.

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