New release

We have launched a new release of Delogue with the following improvements:

#dl -7070 Style measurement chart: Comment field

We have launched a commentbox under the measurement chart in Delogue. This can be used for adding comments to the measurement chart or instructions how to use the measurement chart, which measures are important control measures, etc.
The instructions will be visible for the supplier users and will also be printed out on Excel export and PDF export.

#dl-21739 Change of supplier at style should remove supplier cost price 

When changing a supplier on a style the cost price will not be transferred as this will not be the same for the new supplier.

#dl-21302 Dashboard - filter on "who" at Sample request - like at Tasks

When using the dashboard for sample requests you can now switch between users or see the dashboard for all users. 

#dl-14740 Adding new measurement lines in Sample Request  

When commenting sample requests you can now add new lines to the measurement chart directly and they will become visible in the sample request.

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