New release

We have launched a new release of Delogue with the following improvements:

dl-22257  Add Group and Category in the Wizard 

Style Group  and Style Category are added to Custom Report Wizard


dl-21519  Download item artworks directly from item list - as Supplier User

Supplier users can download a zip file with all artwork files directly from the item list 


dl-19917  Style Add Item to ItemList - filter on more data

Add Item  pop-up – now you can filter on Brand and Item Category.


dl-4818  Admin-category: Delete Item/Style category

Now it’s  possible to delete style categories both on styles and items 


dl-22221  Create Style, Item and Order - select default current user as Contact Person

By default  the user that creates the style is selected as the contact person when creating  a style.


dl-22222  Filter on styles for Suppliers - make it easier for them to understand they  have to select Brand first.


dl-22059  Setup default size range for a designer company

Company  admin can setup a default size range which could be used if working with only  one size range in the company.