NEW: Search bar in Communication


The new search function in Communication allows you to search in Styles, Items and Order. You can search for anything on Messages and Sample request comments - including the notified person(s).

Once you type in your search string (a combination of text, numbers, and symbols for example), the system will show and highlight the results in yellow.


In the Styles section, under the Communication sub-tab, you will now see a search bar next to the 'New Message' button.

1) Simply type in what you want to search for and either, click the search icon or just press Enter. In this case, we searched for 'Proto' and all the results containing this word were shown and highlighted in yellow.

TIP: Try to be as specific as you can when searching on Communication, especially if you have a long message thread. 


  • To clear the search field, click the small 'X' button or simply delete your search string and press Enter.
  • When using the search function, remember to check mark 'Messages' and/or “Sample Request comments” in Communication. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the feature - the search field will be gray.
  • The search string will not be remembered when navigating between tabs – for example, if you search for something in the Styles sections and then go to Items, the search string will be deleted.

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