UPDATE: Changing user email


Previously, the admin user could change the email address of any user. This resulted in a misuse of users emails and access to possibly important information about a certain brand/company. This meant a big security risk, therefore we have updated and changed this setting.

Now, the Admin can only edit a user email if the user has been invited by the admin too.


  • Extra field added to Personal Settings: user email
  • By default, the user email field is in “Read Only” mode
  • Email field can only be edited if the user double-clicks on the edit button
  • Before changing email information, an extra warning will appear saying: “You are about to change your email in Delogue. Are you sure you want to do this?”
  • The new email is saved when you click "OK" and not saved when you click "Cancel"
  • A warning pop-up will appear when changes are unsaved and if the email field is in edit mode. By clicking the OK button, Personal Settings will pop-up
  • In the Admin Company Info, the e-mail field is only editable if the admin is in “Invited” mode. If the Admin is invited, the e-mail can be edited by clicking on the edit button
  • In the Admin Company Info, the e-mail field is not available in edit mode for the Admin if a user is editing in Active or Inactive states

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