UPDATE: Supplier list


For brand/designer users, we have updated the supplier list so the designer is able to select a supplier for either style or items. 


  • Two check boxes have been added to the Admin/Supplier header: “Style Supplier” and “Item Supplier”
  • All existing suppliers will have the “Style Supplier” and “Item Suppliers” checkboxes checked by default
  • You can check - or uncheck - one or both boxes by clicking on them
  • Only suppliers that have a check mark in either the “Style Supplier” or “Item Supplier” are shown in the drop down in the header of “Items” 
  • All suppliers can be both “Item” and “Style” suppliers
  • On “Orders”, “Item” and “Style” suppliers are shown
  • Within the “Style Filter” and “Item Filter”, only the suppliers who have “Item Supplier” option checked are shown
  • A warning pop-up will be displayed when a “Style” or “Item” supplier check box is unchecked
  • Within the “Add Item” pop up in the “Style Item” list, the “Item Supplier” list is displayed

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